The Forgotten Faith

Anthony Duncan

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Celtic spirituality is the “forgotten faith” of the West. It is essentially joyful and holistic and holds together the two human faculties of reason and intuition, taking joy in the beauty of the created world.

The Celtic saints were intuitives whose feet were very firmly planted on the ground. It is their equilibrium as human beings that gives much of their appeal, and in this, as in the holiness their lives display, they are Christlike.

This book by Anglican cleric Anthony Duncan examines the lives of the Celtic saints in the context of their time, along with the sacred places in the landscape that have become associated with them. It includes such figures as Patrick, Columba, Ninian, Dewi (St David), Kentigern, Maelrubha, Cadog, Padarn, Samson, Melangell, Teilo and St Paul Aurelian.

Anthony Duncan (1930-2003), the son of a Scots father and an English mother, was schooled for accountancy but soon discovered a dislike for office work. He joined the army and served in Germany and the Far East until resigning his commission as a thirty-year-old captain in order to follow his spiritual calling. He entered Chichester Theological College and was ordained into the Anglican church, first serving as a curate and later as parish priest to five parishes in both Gloucestershire and Northumberland. During that time he was also made an honorary Canon of Newcastle Cathedral. He retired from his priestly duties in 1995. He wrote a number of books over the course of his life covering a broad range of spiritual perspectives, including magic and the Qabalah.

  • ISBN: 978-1-908011-71-8
  • 126 pages
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  • published 5th February 2013